sábado, 10 de octubre de 2015

The Falling Bodies Experiment

Maybe the most famous scientific experiment is Galileo Galilei's dropping objects from the Tower of Pisa in order to prove that all objects fall at the same time, whatever their mass.
Many think that this experiment was never performed by Galileo and it is only a legend.
However, some of my students did it. If you don’t believe it, watch these videos.

Video1: Sara Domínguez Encinas y Ana Conde Marrón de 3º ESO B.

Video2: Felipe Vicente Sánchez y Daniel Valsera Castro de 3º ESO B.

Video3: David Sánchez Santos y Marina Polo Rodríguez de 3ª º ESO B.

Video4: Carlos Belmonte Casasola de 3º ESO C.

Video5: Elisa Pérez Cabezas y Claudia Púa García de 3º ESO B.

Video6: Alba Muñoz Perea y Ana Vazquez Martínez de 3º ESO B.

Video7: Ángela Polo Rodríguez y Elena del Toro Rodríguez.

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